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Rhodes Island

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Region: # Muğla

Map Location

Muğla, Aydın
Latitude:37.367973 Longitude:27.266693

Rhodes islans from bodrum strared date  24,06,2017 after that  Saturdays and Sundays

Same Day Return (Bodrum -> Rhodes -> Bodrum) £ 50
Ferry Type  catamaran
Sat  9:30 AM Catamaran 5:30 PM
Sun 9:30 AM Catamaran 5:30 PM

Retrun differnt day £ 80

Rhodes island from Marmarsi every Saturdays and Sundays all year round 

Same Day Return (Marmris -> Rhodes -> Marmrsi) £ 70
Ferry Type  catamaran
Sat 9:30 AM Catamaran 5:30 PM
Sun 9:30 AM Catamaran 5:30 PM

Retrun different day £ 100

The ancient city of Rhodes, the construction of which began in 407 BC, was designed according to the city planning system devised by the greatest city planner of antiquity, Hippodamus of Miletus. Rhodes soon developed into one of the most important seafaring and trading centres in the Eastern Mediterranean. When it became a province of the Roman, and later the Byzantine Empire, it initially lost its ancient glory. But in 1309 the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem conquered Rhodes. They built strong fortifications to protect the island, turning it into an important administrative centre and a thriving multinational medieval city. In 1523 Rhodes was conquered by the Ottoman Turks, and the Greeks had to settle outside the city walls. During the Ottoman occupation, new buildings were erected within the Old Town, mainly mosques and baths. In 1912 Rhodes and the rest of the Dodecanese were seized by the Italians. The new rulers embellished the city with magnificent buildings, wide roads and squares. The Palace of the Grand Master was rebuilt and the Street of the Knights was reconstructed in order to regain its medieval purity. It was not until 1948 that Rhodes officially became part of Greece. In 1988 the Medieval City of Rhodes was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Places to visit in Rhodes
  • Mandraki Harbour
  • Archeology Museum
  • The Palace of the Grand Master
  • Road of the Knights
  • Hippocrates Square
  • Sultan Süleyman Mosque
  • Fethi Paşa Library
  • Acropolis and Apollon Temple
  • Ladiko ve Anthony Quinn Bays
  • Butterfly Valley
  • Lindos



  • Pick up to/from  Altınkum,Didim,(Akbük extra£5 per person)
  • Services charges and local taxes
  • Return Ferry tickets and return Transfer


Not Included:

Meals, personal expenses and optional tours.

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İzmir Airports, Kusadsi and Cesme port.

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Rhodes Island Location



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